The Leadership Campaign Training

 Change Leadership Training Objectives

We wrote The Leadership Campaign because we all live and work in a turbulent change environment. Challenge and opportunity are flung at us constantly. Decisions must be made lightning-fast. It takes a new model of leadership to manage in this change environment. The traditional model has become obsolete—yet it remains the dominant model for shaping and training leadership.

Our model, Change Leadership, was developed in working with Steve Jobs. It is contrasted to the existing Bigness Leadership model that still dominates the corporate world and defines the “also-rans.” Back in the 1980s and 1990s, we were creating a new competitive model for Apple versus the incumbent leaders IBM and Microsoft. Today, this model fills the dangerous leadership vacuum we see in global business, politics and government.

We suggest this training be designed for leaders and rising leaders as the essential coaching tool—to maximize their value, personal brand, and effectiveness in creating value for stakeholders and success for themselves. We can deliver on this by applying our Underdog Advantage/Insurgent Strategy framework, applying 30 years of real-world case studies with some of the world’s greatest business and political leaders, and teaching the essential and best practice leadership steps to succeed and win in this age of change and challenge.

“Moving Toward” Attitudes

In our professional experience we have found that most organizations lack two essential characteristics for success: focus and urgency. Goals are fuzzy. Timetables are expandable. Rationalization rules. Employees are not engaged or energized. And there is little sense of purpose in the work the organization does.

At the end of the book, you will find a series questions for work-shopping The Leadership Campaign. Underpinning participants answers and their experience in this training should be pre- and post-testing focused on desired or “Moving Toward” attitudes—mirroring great leaders at all organizational levels. “Moving Toward” is the essence of the best athletic training—constant improvement. And these “Best Attitudes” are drawn from experience ranging from some of history’s great CEOs to many of the most effective and efficient leaders rising inside organizations today.

These Leadership “Best Attitudes” include:

  • Hunger, curiosity, and drive
  • Competitive focus and energy
  • Embrace of change/comfort with discomfort
  • Willingness to challenge status quo habits
  • Optimistic focus on the future
  • Obsession with customer satisfaction
  • Motivated to address customer pain
  • Aggressiveness and boldness
  • Collaborative and inclusive
  • Honest and purpose-driven
  • Strategic and planned risk taking
  • Pride in communications abilities
  • Extroverted and highly motivated
  • Focused and disciplined
  • Agile and fast-moving
  • Bold and open
  • Motivated to be proactive
  • Goal-focused

The Leadership Campaign Training

Today, the new leadership is Change Leadership. We developed this model in our work with Steven Jobs at Apple. And we have refined it in our work with Apple, McDonald’s, The Coca-Cola Company, The Walt Disney Company, Google, HBO, American Express, Verizon, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, many start-ups and upstarts, as well as in 16 winning global presidential campaigns.

We teach Change Leadership to individuals, teams, institutions, and companies. In this brave new world, we teach individuals and teams to get the win, the whole win and nothing but the win.

Individual Leadership Coaching

For individual leaders, we customize leadership campaign training to personal/professional and business/organizational goals. Most important is defining the destination of this leadership campaign—what does it mean to win?

Focusing Sessions (could be three full-day sessions over three weeks):

Step 1:

  • Defining the Win/Defining Personal/Professional & business/organizational goals
  • Defining Leadership Goals for the Business
  • Defining an “Election Day”/concrete timetable for success

Step 2:

  • Immersion in Change-Leadership Principles
  • Customizing the Leadership Campaign to the Leader and Organization
    • Define the Win/Define Success
    • Insurgent Strategic Principles
    • Developing a Kitchen Cabinet
    • Building Power Inside/Out
    • Key Definitions
    • Leadership Communications
    • Play Offense/Control the Dialogue
    • Focus/Urgency/Momentum

Step 3:

  • Transfer Ownership of the Campaign Strategy to the Executive Team and Through Them to the Entire Organization.

Step 4:

  • Ongoing Leadership Advisory—Alignment Meetings and Calls (weekly or monthly)

Step 5:

  • Team Leadership Training for Management and Rising Executives.

Team Leadership Training

To create cultural and business transformation, we work with the leader to develop team leadership training for his or her executive leadership and rising stars.

While the individual leadership training is a process of shaping personal goals and strategies, team training is an immersion in change-leadership principles and a transfer of ownership of the leader’s defined objectives and strategies. The aim is a team with shared goals and shared discipline.

This could involve 3 consecutive daily and evening sessions:

Step 1:

  • Change-Leadership Is the New Leadership
  • Defining Leadership for our Change Environment
  • Define a Leader’s Qualities
  • Define Success (personal, professional, team, company)
  • Leadership Team Challenges (group defines top 3 or top 4 business challenges)
  • Leadership Talk Dinner (guest leader TBD)

Step 2:

  • Leadership Campaign Principles
  • Assign Challenges and Define Teams for Strategy Sessions (teams elect leaders; team rates leader; leader rates team: Core leaders join each session for observation and evaluation)
  • Presentations
  • Dinner and Discussion

Step 3:

  • Election Day/Presenting Results/Rewards & Recognition
  • Discussion and Drinks


The digital information revolution has compressed and deepened the cycles of change. For decades, the tried-and-true leadership and management principles have been tried and are simply no longer true.

Creating an organization that values mobility and speed over size and heritage is the platform for creating success in this new age. Change Leadership is the new leadership model. It has been proven in business, political and military applications, in every kind of situation, every culture and geography. Leadership Campaign Training will transform your organization and your career.