Sanders, Trump, Bush, Cruz, Clinton or Rubio?

What about “none of the above”?

(Since 2013 Armada – Patrick Caddell, Scott Miller and Bob Perkins — has been conducting in-depth surveys with American voters. The most recent survey was concluded just before the Iowa caucuses and you can see a detailed summary of the results now at our web site,

In brief, what we found in our new poll is that the experts — the media, establishment pundits and campaign strategists — don’t seem to understand what the American people are saying to them.

Yes, there is anger, and it’s off the charts. But it’s not anger at immigration or income inequality or gun laws or minimum wage. This election is not about conservative or progressive values. It’s not about ideology. It’s not about issues. This is about insurgency: the people versus the status quo political duopoly in Washington, DC.  81% all voters of all parties and all demographics believe that an elite establishment of Democrat and Republican incumbents, lobbyists, big banks, big unions, big business, big special interests and big media rig the system to protect their own power and prestige. 78% believe the Republicans and Democrats are too beholden to special interests to be able to deal with the challenges our nation faces.

Do they think Clinton, Trump, Sanders, Cruz, or Rubio can change this?  Not really.  But they think Smith can. Who?  “Smith” is the hypothetical candidate we developed who would lead sweeping reform in Washington. At our web site you can see how well Smith performs against the current presidential candidates, and how strongly the people support the Smith reform platform.

Given the establishment’s inherent advantages of controlling structures, rules and resources, the full potential of change may not be realized by November of 2016. But change will continue. This, in fact, is a revolution.