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Every organization can use some fresh thinking and challenge to its existing strategies. Whether you must generate business momentum, meet a new challenge, find a keynote speaker for your next event or interview a subject matter expert, we have a solution for you.

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First, Disarm Hollywood

Our country has suffered horrific acts of gun violence in the recent past. The immediate causes may be mental illness or Islamist fanaticism. Still, we must reckon with the prevalence of guns in our society and culture. It is said there are 300 million guns already in circulation in the United States. My family owns…

Welcome to Bull Connor’s Sanctuary City

Frolic with our cute German Shepherds!  Enjoy the high-intensity fire-hose Jacuzzi!  Meet your public officials face-to-nightstick! It’s amazing to think that it was just a little over fifty years ago that newly-elected Governor George Wallace promised in his inaugural address, “Segregation now!  Segregation tomorrow!  Segregation forever!” for Alabama.  Bull Connor and other officials vowed to…

Re; The New Student Sushi Bar

What is a college to do when rock-climbing walls and in-room yoga mats become standard equipment among your competitors?  How to differentiate? How do you up your value proposition for your most highly valuable consumer targets? Let’s face it, it’s a cut-throat world out there in student marketing. And it’s no wonder. These market targets…