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The Discipline of Insurgent Strategy

For two thousand years, insurgents, underdogs and revolutionaries have used remarkably common strategic approaches to win against entrenched incumbents and overwhelming odds. For forty years, we have studied, taught, preached and practiced these principles for our clients. This is the best time in history for insurgents – the worst time in history for incumbents.

Insurgent Strategy Basics: The Underdog Advantage

  • Define the win
  • Do the doable
  • Move the movable
  • Communicate inside/out
  • Remember, everything communicates; everything matters
  • Own change
  • Never play defense

Put Insurgent Strategy to work for your company, your team or your career.

This website was inspired by the incomparable credits developed by the genius Saul Bass for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 classic North by Northwest. It has been done with great admiration and respect. Every copyright lawyer I talked to said, “Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

These credits are the names in the making of Scott Miller. My website was produced by Woodbury Shortridge with some help from Brett Miller (2/4 of The Balkans).

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