Case Studies

Our disciplined marketing approach is based on the successes of underdogs and revolutionaries in business, politics and warfare. No matter your market position - established market leader or start-up/upstart - our insurgent strategy will help you compete more effectively and efficiently in this uniquely challenging change environment.

Is your organization aligned so as to meet critical growth targets?

You can develop a flawless growth strategy, but if your organization is not aligned and integrated to successfully execute the strategy, you won’t realize any growth. We believe your marketing, sales and service functions must all be working on the same page. Core Strategy Group helps meet this objective by assessing current resources and business processes to uncover gaps that negatively impact execution. Once the problem is identified, we prepare detailed implementation plans to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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Do you really understand your customers’ needs…and their customers’ needs? What really makes them buy what they do?

Customers are more demanding today than ever before. It is not enough to provide competitive prices and quality service. Understanding your customers’ needs and focusing on your highest priority customers will allow your organization to seize hidden growth opportunities.

To learn more about our customer and channel planning work, see the case studies below:

Understanding the Customer: How Clarity Drives Growth »

Negatives to Positives: Creating A Competitive Advantage in a Declining Market »

How do you reverse declining sales?

Lower sales can be a symptom of complex marketing problems. One main cause: your brand may not be connecting with customers the way it once did. Perhaps a new predator is stealing your marketshare, or maybe you have lost focus on core customers.    Whatever the reason, we can help turn your sales around.

For examples of sales solutions, see the case studies below:

Know Thy Enemy: Developing a Strategy to Protect Category Leadership »

Is your brand positioned to win? Or are your competitors positioning your brand for you?

Knowing exactly what your brand stands for—what unique and differentiating functional and emotional benefits it provides—is essential for any successful brand strategy. Our approach involves helping you define your business destination, analyze current and future market dynamics, develop a unique value proposition and form and activate an overall marketing strategy.

To learn more see the case study below:

Turning Losses Into Gains By Creating a Compelling Value Proposition »

Reclaiming the Core Strengths of a Mature Brand to Create Growth »

Always Play to Win: Reviving A Brand Against Increased Competition »

How do you drive differentiation and win in a commoditized market?

We help you accelerate growth despite commoditizing market conditions. Our insurgent approach uses quantitative, hypothesis-driven research to develop your brand’s distinctly unique value proposition. We then develop effective go-to-market strategies and sustainable marketing programs to capture previously untapped growth opportunities. Buyers will move from preferring to buying and, ultimately, to advocating your brand.

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Growing at Twice the Market Rate »

Growth Through Successfully Entering a New Market Segment »

Launching a Breakthrough Product Successfully—in 90 Days »

Creating Growth in a New Market for an Established Brand »

Motivating the Right Consumers to Buy In a Crowded Marketplace »

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Insurgent Marketing: Plan to Win…By Returning to the Fundamentals »

Turning “Green to Black”: How do you leverage the “Green” disruptions in your market to drive growth?

Companies that act like insurgents utilize “Green” as a platform to either redefine their current marketplace or to enable completely new opportunities. Disruption related to “Green” is occurring in virtually every market in every corner of the world—offering new leadership challenges and opportunities.

To learn more about our experience turning “Green” to Black, please read the following case studies:

Converting Market Potential to Market Reality…by Seeing “Green” »