A company with
insurgency in its DNA.

Our disciplined marketing approach is based on the successes of underdogs and revolutionaries in business, politics and warfare. No matter your market position - established market leader or start-up/upstart - our insurgent strategy will help you compete more effectively and efficiently in this uniquely challenging change environment.

A few quick facts

Core Strategy Group is a strategy, marketing and communications consulting firm. We help our clients develop and activate practical solutions to win in their marketplaces. Our reputation is built on delivering transformational and actionable solutions – based on the speed and aggressiveness of our insurgent strategy model.

Our style

Bold, brave and provocative – we’re known for playing to win. And that’s the only way to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Our approach is aggressive, entrepreneurial and growth-centered – a critical part of success in markets that are changing at warp speed. We ask tough questions to get to better solutions. And we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves, dig into difficult challenges and create practical solutions.

Our history

Since 1999, Zyman Group (as we were then known) has deployed elite marketing practitioners and seasoned business strategists who know there is a better way to do marketing. And we’ve solved the most complex business problems for our clients: Including consumer companies, industrial businesses, financial services firms, medical and pharmaceutical companies, media properties, retailers, technology companies and many others.

In early 2008, Zyman Group combined Core Strategy Group, led by Chairman Scott Miller and DMG, led by Vice-Chairman David Morey. Their cutting-edge insurgent approach detailed in The Underdog Advantage provides speed, clarity and impact to help our clients win.

Our Senior Team

Team Member Photo
Scott Miller, CEO

After graduating from Washington & Lee University in 1967, Scott Miller began a career in advertising and political consulting. As Creative Director of McCann-Erickson in New York, where he worked for such clients as Coca-Cola, Miller Brewing and Exxon, Mr. Miller won every major award for creative excellence in the advertising industry, including many Clio Awards and a Lion d’Or from the Cannes Film Festival.

In 1979 he founded Sawyer/Miller Group with David Sawyer. This strategic consulting group developed communications strategy for many political campaigns, corporations and institutions. Among Sawyer/Miller Group’s clients: Corazon Aquino, Vaclav Havel, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Miller Brewing, Boris Yeltsin, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Kim Dae Jung, Goldman-Sachs, Apple Computer, Virgilio Barco, USA for Africa/Hands Across America, Lech Walesa and The Better World Foundation. Sawyer/Miller also advised over 40 U.S. candidates for Governor or Senator and several Presidential campaigns.

In 1988, Sawyer/Miller Group was acquired by True North (now Interpublic Group) and Mr. Miller founded Core Strategy Group with Sergio Zyman. At Core, he worked on developing communications, marketing and branding strategies for clients like McDonalds, Verizon, CitiGroup, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Google, News Corp., The Tribune Company, Highfields Capital, Rio Tinto, Cox Newspapers, Women & Co., The Newspaper Association of America, Knight-Ridder, The Southern Company, The Home Depot and The Walt Disney Company. He has also helped develop strategy for the successful political campaigns of Kim Dae Jung and Vicente Fox. In the 2004 U.S. election, Mr. Miller worked as a strategist for the Bush-Cheney campaign and the National Republican Senate Campaign Committee.

Mr. Miller provides commentary on political and corporate communications on the major television networks, and often lectures on communications, branding and insurgent strategies. He wrote Building Brandwidth with Sergio Zyman and The Underdog Advantage with David Morey for McGraw-Hill. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was included on several Who’s Who lists over the years, before realizing the listing is basically a marketing scam. Nevertheless, to his great embarrassment, he bought one faux marble plaque.

Scott Miller lives in Atlanta, Georgia and Carmel, California with his wife Denise and sons Tyler and Brett.

Team Member Photo
David Morey, Vice Chairman

David Morey, Vice Chairman of Core Strategy Group and founder and CEO of DMG, is one of America’s leading strategic consultants.  Mr. Morey is the award-winning co-author of The Underdog Advantage (McGraw Hill), and has worked with and helped add hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and market value to a wide range of Fortune 500 companies.  Over the years, Mr. Morey has worked with some of the world’s top business leaders – and he has advised five Noble Peace Prize winners and twelve winning global presidential campaigns, including that of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

In politics, Mr. Morey has worked with foreign candidates and governments including: Colombian President Virgilio Barco; Philippine President Corazon Aquino; Russian President Boris Yeltsin and The Dalai Lama.  In 1997, he advised the winning presidential campaign of Kim Dae Jung, the first opposition leader to be elected in Korean history.  Subsequently, he was an advisor to the Government of Korea during its financial crisis and recovery.  More recently, Mr. Morey advised the successful campaigns of Vicente Fox, Mexico’s first successful opposition presidential candidate in 70 years, and South Korea’s Roh Moo Hyun.

In business, Mr. Morey has advised the senior officers of Fortune 100 entities and helped to launch a number of successful start-up companies and ventures.  He has developed successful strategies for GE, Bancomer, Verizon, The Coca-Cola Company, Mars, KPMG, McDonald’s, Microsoft, News Corp., Nike, Pepsi, P&G, Disney, Visa, TPG and many others.  For example, in 2004, his acquisition and turnaround strategies for Korea First Bank resulted in a quadrupling of profit for the private equity firm TPG.

Over the years, Mr. Morey has served as Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at Columbia University, specializing in global communications, and was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Task Force on Public Diplomacy.  Additionally, Mr. Morey is Co-Chairman of the Fund For Peace and served on the Defense Science Board’s Task Force on U.S. Strategic Communications and National Security.  He was a four-time All-American Decathlon competitor, IC4A Champion and a member of several U.S. national teams.

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Craig Binkley, Chief Consulting Officer

Craig Binkley brings more than 24 years of marketing experience and leadership successes to the firm. Craig specializes in developing customer-focused, fact-based value propositions and activation strategies for brands as businesses. An expert in high velocity markets and channels, Craig has broad operating experience in the US and in Latin American markets. He also has extensive international experience with both The Coca-Cola Company and Core Strategy Group clients. Additionally, Craig is an active contributor to Core Strategy Group’s intellectual development, overseeing the creation of many of Core’s approaches to brand strategy and activation, as well as building world-class marketing organizations.

During his tenure at Core Strategy Group, Craig has partnered with clients across a wide range of industries, including major companies in the consumer, food and HBA products, entertainment, and beverage industries. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the client experience from initial contact through final deliverable.

Before joining Core Strategy Group, Craig served as Vice President of Marketing for Coca-Cola Mexico, overseeing market development for the company’s second-largest division. Craig also served as Worldwide Director of Marketing for Diet Coke and Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid’s brands. Craig ran the fully-integrated P&L for Minute Maid and also developed Minute Maid’s major Olympic activation plans, recognized by the US Olympic Committee as the most outstanding sponsorship activation of its Olympiad.

Craig attended Davidson College in North Carolina and completed postgraduate work at Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development.

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Michael Harbert, Managing Director, CSG/West

Michael opened the West Coast office after spending fifteen years in the entertainment industry as a writer/producer of primetime network dramas and independent feature films. His credits include the screenplays for Easy Rider – The Search Continues, Shifter, and Boone. His produced credits include Law & Order, Michael Hayes, Wind On Water, Prince Street, and The Monroes, as well as the pilot for The Medics, and spec screenplays for ER, NYPD Blue, and The West Wing. He is also the co-creator and writer of the original Webisodes for CTU-The Rookie, an on-line spin-off of the hit series 24. These accomplishments have earned him membership in The Writer’s Guild of American, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

During this time he has also remained active in national electoral politics, providing strategic advice and tactical counsel to the campaigns of George W. Bush for President, Bill Simon for Governor, The National Republican Senate Campaign Committee, and Bill Richardson for President.

Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, he was based in New York City and Washington, D.C., as a Producer in network news, first as a Consulting Executive Producer at CBS News, and before that ABC Network News where he was the International Managing Director of The Twentieth Century Project, the multi-national programming joint venture between ABC News, NHK (Japan Broadcasting), and Gosteleradio (Soviet Union Broadcasting). Prior to joining ABC, he was the Executive-In-Charge of North America for Worldwide Television News, the TV news joint venture between ABC News and ITN/UK.

Michael transitioned into journalism from combat political campaign media and advertising and corporate communications consulting. As a member of The Sawyer Miller Group, he wrote speeches and produced advertising for candidates for President of the United States, U.S. Senator, U.S. House of Representatives, Governor, and Mayors around the country. These included Kevin White for Mayor, Pat Moynihan for Senate, and Ted Kennedy for President. He also served as Senior Advisor to scores of campaigns both in the United States and internationally, including the Labor Party of Israel, and the Tory Party in the UK.

Michael began his professional career as an appointed government official in New York, serving as the Deputy Executive Director of the Tri-State Federal Regional Planning Commission and as the First Executive Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Transportation.

He holds a B.A. in policy analysis and marketing communications from New York University and served in the United States Air Force as a Combat Weapons Controller and Crew Chief on AWACS aircraft assigned to the Tactical Air Command.

He is married to Elayne Angel Harbert and they live in Camarillo, California