Turning Losses Into Gains By Creating a Compelling Value Proposition


Situation: A leading business and technology solutions provider was losing share in one of its primary services divisions. Despite the fact that the overall market was growing steadily, major opportunities were being missed. Brand benefits and value needed to be better communicated to its most attractive segments. And more of the right customers needed to be identified to drive growth and gain share in this growing market.

Core Strategy Group’s Approach: To reconnect with customers and reinforce the relevancy of its brand, we quickly realized that the company needed to reassess and reinforce its value. To do so, we defined its target segments by conducting extensive primary research to validate hypotheses around customer needs, purchase motivations, and brand perceptions. Key questions included:

  • What (stated and implied) benefits drive preference?
  • Where is the current competitive advantage/disadvantage for priority buyers?
  • How strong is the brand’s equity in the marketplace?
  • What differentiates itself from the competition?
  • Where are the best growth opportunities? What selling approach is most attractive to its customers?

Research revealed which benefits the client could “own” in the marketplace. We used them to develop a compelling brand architecture that gave the client a direct link to their most desirable market segments. Taking the analysis a step further, we devised a sales qualification tool and a simple framework to help the client identify and prioritize customers within these segments.

Results: By changing its strategy and focusing on segments and customers that best fit with its overall brand, the client began to allocate the right resources towards the right growth opportunities. Productivity increased, new buyers were identified, and the marketplace is responding.

The Core Strategy Group Difference: The problem that most companies face is that while markets have changed fundamentally, the practice of marketing has barely changed at all. Core Strategy Group combines traditional business focused marketing discipline with the aggressiveness and drive of an insurgent strategic model. It is a model built for clarity, speed and impact. This is the new model for companies who are serious about improving their market performance, revenues, share and return on marketing investment. It provides the most effective way for any organization to compete—and win.