The Underdog Advantage

David Morey & Scott Miller, 2004

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A battlefield manual for all business leaders, The Underdog Advantage argues and teaches insurgent principles and the new way to win. The award-winning book shows you how to: Instill and maintain an underdog attitude and move faster, think smarter, and welcome change as an opportunity; develop hyper-aggressive marketing, communications, and competitive strategies; and create a down-and-dirty culture of insurgency and foster a winning attitude among employees and constituents.

“A thought-provoking, insightful and very timely handbook of proven strategies for winning customers and distinguishing your brand in today’s crowded marketplace.” – John Costello, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, The Home Depot

“In this era of intense global competition, all companies, whether big or small, leading or not, have to adopt an underdog insurgent strategy. This book shows us how.” – Peter G. Peterson, Chairman, The Blackstone Group & Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations

“Miller and Morey have translated into strategic principles the instincts that have driven all my success on the football field and in business. This is the play book for the insurgent warrior.” – Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, CEO of

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