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Core Strategy Group helps our clients in business, politics and the military develop more effective strategies and tactics in the most challenging competitive environment in history.
Our model is unique. Our results are unmatched.

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The Rise of the Insurgent Brand

In every marketplace insurgent brands are kicking ass. And right now you have a choice: learn to think, plan and act like an insurgent brand, or learn to get used to watching them pass you in the marketplace. Our company got its start in politics. In the mid-1980’s Steven Jobs called on us: “You guys understand something we don’t really…

The Myth of Angry White Men

Two years ago, Pat Caddell of The Smith Project predicted the rise of a Donald Trump in American politics (you can see that projection from early 2014 here: At the time, none of us at knew it would be Trump himself. We did, however, know it would be someone from outside politics. We…

Why Your Company is Whining, Not Winning

Stand up tall! You’re a winner! You’re a leader! You’re empowered! Welcome to the annual sales conference! Okay, now, welcome back to reality. Your company is limping along, stuck on “okay.” And you’ve got this burning itch under the back label of your underpants that says you should be doing a lot better with your…